There’s more than one way to sell a yacht (or jet or estate) !

There’s more than one way to sell a yacht (or jet or estate). While the general consensus is that we have “reached bottom” as far as real estate prices go in most areas of the USA, there are still considerable challenges facing Sellers of most asset classes, especially when they recall what they paid for that asset in the heyday of “what goes up, must go higher!”. A lot of these same Sellers, are also Buyers of other potential assets, however won’t move on them until they sell what they currently have. One way to short circuit the process is Asset Exchange. The system of bartering pre-dates the invention of modern currency, however now even the wealthy are once again turning to barter, exchange, trading, or whatever you wish to call it.

We have multiple assets for Exchange in the three primary disciplines of real estate, aircraft and yachts (go to for more information):

(DR. Mansion)   $10M value, will trade for a yacht

Citation 500 value $500k will trade for yacht

116’ Crescent M.Y. value $4.7M will trade for property in Florida or Moscow!





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