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Welcome To Skywater Exchange;  At the Skywater Group we pride ourselves on our flexibility and ability to go the extra mile in finding buyers and sellers for our listings. To that end we find a lot of our sophisticated clients are flexible in their Selling approach and would consider other tangible assets in either part or full exchange for their asset.

Skywater Exchange LLC is a marketing and facilitation agent that utilizes a combination of assets, typically – Yachts, Real Estate and Aircraft. All of these owners would consider trading in part, full exchange or even adding money towards a larger purchase.  The Exchange is a full service marketing and trading company and works independently, but in coordination with the respective divisions of the Skywater Group,  thus not only providing a full service brokerage product, but also offering clients an alternate means of releasing the asset from ownership, thus maximizing the marketing impact and potential available Buyers. Whether you capture the full benefits of both our brokerage and Exchange platform or simply choose to list your asset for Exchange with us, you will always benefit from the diversified resources of the Skywater Group.

How does Skywater Exchange operate?

Skywater Exchange LLC is an independent marketing and consulting company with clients, and agents worldwide . When an asset is listed for Exchange, we utilize our contacts, expertise and marketing to find a match for that asset and help facilitate the Exchange.

What disciplines does Skywater Exchange operate in?

We primarily focus on Real Estate, Aircraft and Yacht Exchanges, however have also dealt with other asset classes, such as luxury RV’s, exotic cars, motorcycles, jewelry and art. Contact us to learn more. We have many “off site” assets listed as well!

Why should I choose Skywater Exchange?

While Skywater Exchange LLC is an independent trading platform, due to its affiliation under the the Skywater Group of companies it has access to   professional licensed brokers with real time knowledge in their respective industries, thus maximizing the knowledge base to ensure that Exchanges are a sucess. To learn more about our skills, please visit the division sites at www.skywatergroup.com .

Can you also list my asset for sale?

Yes. Under one of the respective companies: Skywater Estates Inc, Skywater Jets LLC and Skywater Yachts LLC, we offer full  brokerage services; indeed a lot of the assets we have for Exchange are also listed with us for cash brokerage sale. This is one of the benefits of listing with the Skywater Group  – not only do we market and procure Exchanges, but we actively outright sale scenarios as well. We are the only full service organization that can provide both brokerage and trade options. Disclaimer: real estate listings are subject to appropriate state licensing requirements.

What are Skywater Exchange’s fees?

Each Asset and Exchange scenario is unique and is subject to a fully executed Exchange Agreement, signed at time of placement of the Asset for Exchange on a FIXED FEE basis, which is mutually agreed upon at time of placing the Asset for Exchange and only subject to payment at the successful conclusion of an Exchange.  As well as working with Principles, we are happy to cooperate with other industry professionals.

What are some of the challenges of trade transactions?

Trades are unique. In this market there are less people with access to cash and financing or there may be a tax advantage to trading (Disclaimer: we are not accountants and cannot give tax advice, seek professional guidance from your CPA or tax attorney). Therefore, more Buyers and Sellers are open to the option of Exchange/trading to move their asset. Commonly there are two general challenges:

1 – All parties have to LIKE what the other has.

2 – All parties have to agree on the value-bearing in mind this is NOT a cash for Asset “purchase”, but an asset for asset “swap”, so there has to be a mutual recognition of “flexibility” in “values”. Sometimes cash may be required at the table to finalize the deal.

Do you cooperate with brokers in the industry?

Absolutely. We cooperate with all registered and licensed brokers in the respective industries. We will sign a Non-Circumvent/non-disclosure/commission agreement with the cooperating broker and work with them to facilitate an exchange. So if you have an Asset that is currently listed for sale with an agent, you can still put forth that asset for Exchange or if you are an Agent who has a flexible owner please contact us now.

How do I get started?

Please email or call us to discuss your expectations or submit a trade.

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